W10135900R Refrigerator Control Board Repair
W10135900R Refrigerator Control Board Repair
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W10135900R Refrigerator Control Board Repair

Our services are fast and easy. Send us your failed refrigerator control circuit board. We will quickly repair your refrigerator control circuit board. We do more than just repair the part, we go to the root of the problem and use the high quality parts to ensure the issue does not return.
  • Estimated Repair Time is 2-3 business days.

  • Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back. Order today and save!
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This is a repair service for W10135900R Refrigerator Control Board Repair.
For the following brands: Amana, Ikea, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Sears, Whirlpool

This repair service will fix these issues:

  • Constant clicking or beeping
  • Dead circuit board
  • Dim/Dark Display
  • Dim/Dark Lights
  • Display lights flashing
  • Failed after power outage
  • Ice dispenser door flapping between open/close position
  • LCD Display
  • No cooling
  • No light when door open
  • No power
  • PO (power outage code)

This repair is also for the following similar refrigerator control board part numbers:
2213456, 2213457, 2213475, 2213476, 2213489, 2213490, 2252148, 2252150, 2303822, 2303837, 2304069, 6105024, W10135053, W10135899, W10135900, W10135900R, W10351622, W10351625, W10351626, W10353224, W10366604, W10366605, W10366608, WPW10366605.

Once we receive your part, our trained and IPC certified technicians will run tests to identify the source of the problem. We will rebuild your part, replacing not only the failed components, but all components that are usually known to fail or go bad in this part. We want to make your experience as effortless as possible. All you have to do is send your part to us. Then after receiving the part back from us, just reinstall it and you’re back in business!

Estimated Repair Time is 2-3 business days.

We do not ship to Hawaii and Alaska, only to USA address within 48 States.

We take pride in our work and will take it a step further and fully inspect your control board and will replace failure prone components or parts that may be failing in the future. Each control board is fully tested to make sure it passes a full functional test.

Our service is 100 percent guaranteed or your money back. We stand by our services – If the part is going to fail, itll fail within the first 12 months. Thats why we got you covered with a 12-month warranty and lifetime phone support when you need us

Our goal is to save you hundreds of dollars, while continuing to provide an eco-friendly solution that reduces pollution. We drive our business towards consistent and profitable growth, with integrity and a commitment to the people and communities where we live and work. Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back.

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Benefits of using us:
  • Amazing customer service and support
  • Save hundreds of dollars
  • High quality components
  • Fast & easy process
  • 100% guaranteed or your money back
  • IPC certified technicians (highest standard of quality craftsmanship)
  • Guaranteed OEM products
  • Refurbished and tested to meet manufacturers specifications
  • Warranty
How It Works

How it works

Our services are fast and easy. Send us your failed appliance control circuit board. We do more than just repair the part, we go to the root of the problem and use the best quality parts to ensure the issue does not return.

We take pride in our work and will take it a step further and fully inspect your control board and will replace failure prone components or parts that may be failing in the future. Each control board is fully tested to make sure it passes a full functional test. Our service is 100 percent guaranteed or your money back.

  1. Carefully remove your part.
  2. Securely pack your part, using the correct box so that your part cannot be damaged in transit. Take special care when packing.
  3. Add item to shopping cart and check out. We will provide you with shipping label to send the part to us. You will not need to pay anything until your part is full repaired.
  4. Inside the package include: Your Name, Return Address, Phone Number.



Our service is 100 percent guaranteed or your money back.

For a full 12 months, our no-hassle warranty covers the repair. We will fix the item again if the repair fails within 12 months. If the component is not repairable, we will, at our discretion, either replace the part entirely or refund the cost of the repair.

We stand by our services – If the part is going to fail, itll fail within the first 3 months. Thats why we got you covered with a 12-month warranty and lifetime phone support when you need us


2213456, 2213457, 2213475, 2213476, 2213489, 2213490, 2252148, 2252150, 2303822, 2303837, 2304069, 6105024, W10135053, W10135899, W10135900, W10135900R, W10351622, W10351625, W10351626, W10353224, W10366604, W10366605, W10366608, WPW10366605


This control board may be found in models similar to the following:

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10652572202, 10652574201, 10652574202, 10652582201, 10652582202, 10652583201, 10652583202, 10652584201, 10652584202, 10653332300, 10653334300, 10653342300, 10653344300, 10653632300, 10653634300, 10653642300, 10653644300, 10654263300, 10654273300, 10654563300, 10654573300, 10656342500, 10656344500, 10656346500, 10656349500, 10656352500, 10656354500, 10656356500, 10656359500, 10656642500, 10656644500, 10656646500, 10656649500, 10656652500, 10656654500, 10656656500, 10656659500, 10658122700, 10658122701, 10658123700, 10658123701, 10658124700, 10658124701, 10658126700, 10658126701, 10658129700, 10658129701, 10658132700, 10658132701, 10658133700, 10658133701, 10658134700, 10658134701, 10658136700, 10658136701, 10658139700, 10658139701, 10658272800, 10658272801, 10658273800, 10658273801, 10658279800, 10658279801, 10658322800, 10658322801, 10658323800, 10658323801, 10658329800, 10658329801, 10658502800, 10658502801, 10658504800, 10658504801, 10658506800, 10658506801, 10658509800, 10658509801, 10658512800, 10658512801, 10658514800, 10658514801, 10658516800, 10658516801, 10658519800, 10658519801, 10658522700, 10658524700, 10658526700, 10658529700, 10658532700, 10658534700, 10658536700, 10658539700, 10658943800, 10658943801, 10658943802, 10658943803, 10658953800, 10658953801, 10658953802, 10659122800, 10659122801, 10659123800, 10659123801, 10659124800, 10659124801, 10659126800, 10659126801, 10659128800, 10659128801, 10659129800, 10659129801, 10659132800, 10659132801, 10659133800, 10659133801, 10659134800, 10659134801, 10659136800, 10659136801, 10659138800, 10659138801, 10659139800, 10659139801, 10659422800, 10659422801, 10659429800, 10659429801, 10659432800, 10659432801, 10659439800, 10659439801, 7ED5FHEXMS00, 7ED5FHEXRS00, 7GS6SHAXKB01, 7GS6SHAXKB02, 7GS6SHAXKQ01, 7GS6SHAXKQ02, 7GS6SHAXKS01, 7GS6SHAXKS02, 7GS6SHAXKT01, 7GS6SHAXKT02, ASD2522WRB02, ASD2522WRB03, ASD2522WRD02, ASD2522WRD03, ASD2522WRD04, ASD2522WRS02, ASD2522WRS03, ASD2522WRS07, ASD2522WRW02, ASD2522WRW03, ASD2575BRB00, ASD2575BRB01, ASD2575BRS00, ASD2575BRS01, ASD2575BRW00, ASD2575BRW01, ED2DHEXWB00, ED2DHEXWL00, ED2DHEXWQ00, ED2FHAXSB00, ED2FHAXSB01, ED2FHAXSB03, ED2FHAXSB04, ED2FHAXSB05, ED2FHAXSL00, ED2FHAXSL01, ED2FHAXSL02, ED2FHAXSL03, ED2FHAXSL04, ED2FHAXSL05, ED2FHAXSQ00, ED2FHAXSQ01, ED2FHAXSQ03, ED2FHAXSQ04, ED2FHAXSQ05, ED2FHAXST00, ED2FHAXST01, ED2FHAXST03, ED2FHAXST04, ED2FHAXST05, ED2FHEXMB00, ED2FHEXMQ00, ED2FHEXMS00, ED2FHEXMT00, ED2FHEXNB00, ED2FHEXNB01, ED2FHEXNL00, ED2FHEXNL01, ED2FHEXNL02, ED2FHEXNQ00, ED2FHEXNQ01, ED2FHEXNS00, ED2FHEXNS01, ED2FHEXNT00, ED2FHEXNT01, ED2FHEXSB00, ED2FHEXSB02, ED2FHEXSB03, ED2FHEXSB04, ED2FHEXSB05, ED2FHEXSL00, ED2FHEXSL01, ED2FHEXSL02, ED2FHEXSL03, ED2FHEXSL04, ED2FHEXSQ00, ED2FHEXSQ02, ED2FHEXSQ03, ED2FHEXSQ04, ED2FHEXSS00, ED2FHEXSS02, ED2FHEXSS03, ED2FHEXSS04, ED2FHEXST00, ED2FHEXST02, ED2FHEXST03, ED2FHEXST04, ED2FHEXST05, ED2FHEXTB00, ED2FHEXTB01, ED2FHEXTB02, ED2FHEXTB03, ED2FHEXTL00, ED2FHEXTL01, ED2FHEXTL02, ED2FHEXTL03, 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KSRB22FKBL14, KSRB22FKSS01, KSRB22FKSS02, KSRB22FKSS03, KSRB22FKSS04, KSRB22FKSS14, KSRB25FKBL01, KSRB25FKBL02, KSRB25FKBL03, KSRB25FKBL04, KSRB25FKBL14, KSRB25FKSS01, KSRB25FKSS02, KSRB25FKSS03, KSRB25FKSS04, KSRB25FKSS14, KSRD22FKBL03, KSRD22FKBL04, KSRD22FKBL14, KSRD22FKBL15, KSRD22FKBL16, KSRD22FKBT02, KSRD22FKBT03, KSRD22FKBT04, KSRD22FKBT14, KSRD22FKBT15, KSRD22FKBT16, KSRD22FKSS03, KSRD22FKSS04, KSRD22FKSS14, KSRD22FKSS15, KSRD22FKSS16, KSRD22FKST15, KSRD22FKST16, KSRD22FKST17, KSRD22FKST18, KSRD22FKST19, KSRD22FKWH02, KSRD22FKWH03, KSRD22FKWH04, KSRD22FKWH14, KSRD22FKWH15, KSRD22FKWH16, KSRD22FTST01, KSRD22FTST02, KSRD22FTST03, KSRD25FKBL03, KSRD25FKBL04, KSRD25FKBL14, KSRD25FKBL15, KSRD25FKBL16, KSRD25FKBT02, KSRD25FKBT03, KSRD25FKBT04, KSRD25FKBT14, KSRD25FKBT15, KSRD25FKBT16, KSRD25FKSS03, KSRD25FKSS04, KSRD25FKSS14, KSRD25FKSS15, KSRD25FKSS16, KSRD25FKST15, KSRD25FKST16, KSRD25FKWH02, KSRD25FKWH03, KSRD25FKWH04, KSRD25FKWH14, KSRD25FKWH15, KSRD25FKWH16, KSRG22FKBL02, 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