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Ford E150 (2004-2008) Instrument Cluster Panel (ICP) Repair
Ford E150 (2004-2008) Instrument Cluster Panel (ICP) Repair
SKU: 6262

Ford E150 2004-2008 Instrument Cluster Panel (ICP) Repair

Don’t buy new or used part, send your original part for repair and Save Hundreds! This is a Repair and Return service of your existing Ford E150 2004-2008 Instrument Cluster Panel (ICP) Repair. This services requires that you send us your part for repair. Fast & easy process.
  • Estimated Repair Time is 3-5 business days.
  • Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back. Order today and save!
Below are common issues we usually fix on this particular unit. If you have dashes on your odometer, and the speedometer drops to zero please check your VSS (vehicle speed sensor).
Save: 70%
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This is a repair and return service for Ford E150 2004-2008 Instrument Cluster Panel (ICP) Repair, years 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 . When you receive your rebuilt part back from us it will be plug-n-play and not need any additional programming.

Once we receive your part, our trained and IPC certified technicians will run tests to identify the source of the problem. We will rebuild your part, replacing not only the failed components, but all components that are usually known to fail or go bad in this part. There is no programming required after we rebuild your original part. The vin number, odometer mileage and vehicle settings are unchanged. We want to make your experience as effortless as possible. All you have to do is send your part to us. Then after receiving the part back from us, just reinstall it and you’re back in business!

Estimated Repair Time is 3-5 business days.

We do not ship to Hawaii and Alaska, only to USA address within 48 States.


This repair service will fix these issues:

  • Blank odometer
  • Dim/Dark Lights
  • Gauges Not Working
  • Intermittent power loss
  • LCD Display
  • Odometer Issues
  • Pixelated Digital Display Screen
  • Power Loss Issues
  • Background Illumination lights
  • Battery gauge
  • Fuel Gauge
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • LED Issues
  • Oil Gauge
  • Speedometer Gauge
  • Tachometer RPM Gauge
  • Temperature Gauge

Our services are an affordable and effective alternative to expensive dealership part replacements that can save you hundreds of dollars, while continuing to provide an eco-friendly solution that reduces pollution. We drive our business towards consistent and profitable growth, with integrity and a commitment to the people and communities where we live and work. We do more than just repair the part, we go to the root of the problem and upgrade the components to ensure the issue does not return. We will quickly fix your malfunctioning part and return it back to you. Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back.

Will this service fix my problems?

A full diagnostic check should first be performed to eliminate all other possible causes for your symptoms, even if the symptoms match those specified on the common fault description.

If you send a good working unit because of misdiagnosis and after we test the unit and find no issue/faults, then you will only be responsible for return shipping.

IMPORTANT! If you are not sure that this part is the cause of the fault then we recommend that you do not go ahead with this purchase and instead seek further professional advice and diagnosis.

Benefits of using us:
  • Amazing customer service and support
  • IPC certified technicians (highest standard of quality craftsmanship)
  • 100% guaranteed or your money back
  • Save hundreds of dollars
  • 1 Business day turnaround
  • No programming needed
  • Fast & easy process
  • Plug-n-play
  • Warranty
How It Works

How it works

Our services are an alternative to expensive dealership part replacement and save you hundreds!
We do more then just just repair the part. We go to the root of the problem and use new upgraded parts to ensure the issue does not return. Our service is 100% guaranteed or money back.

  1. Carefully remove your part from your vehicle. Please see our removal instructions, if you are not sure how to remove it or take it your local body shop.
  2. Securely pack your part, using the correct box so that your part cannot be damaged in transit. Take special care when packing.
  3. Add item to shopping cart and check out. You will need to print out order confirmation page and include it with your parts.
  4. Inside the package include: Your Name, Return Address, Phone Number.


Warranty covers the repair of the part for one full year.

If the repair fails within a year, we will repair the part again. In the rare occasion that the item is not repairable, we will either replace the circuit board entirely or refund the cost of the repair, at our discretion.

This warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser only.

Part Numbers

6L3410849AD, XC3F10848AA, F2UF10848AA, 2C3F10849HK, F75F10849AC, F5TF10849EA, 5C3T10849EJ, 4L3410849EN, XC3F10849CB, BC2T10849AD, XC3F10849CE, 6L3410849AE, 4L3410849AK, YL3F10849CA, 2C3F10849HJ, 2C3F10849FJ, 2C3F10849FH, XC3F10849CC, 4L3410849GN, 2C8F10849HK, 3C3F10849HR, 6C3T10849EC, 5L3410849GC, F65F10C956BB, XC3F10849BE, 8C2T10849AH, 6C2T10849CD, 7C2T10849AC, BC2T10849CH, F7UF10849AA, 7C2T10849CC, TC2T10849AC, 6C2T10849AE, 8C2T10849CH, 5C2T10849NA, BC2T10849AH, 7C2T10849NA, SC2T10849AD, 8W7310849CB, V8AJ006383, V8AJ182732, 8W7310849CB0, 3C2410849EA, 32C410849EA, F8UF10849GC, 6C2T10849AD, VP4C2F10A855AC, 8C2T10849AA, 8C2T10849AB, 8C2T10849AC, 8C2T10849AD, 8C2T10849AE, 8C2T10849AF, 8C2T10849AG, 8C2T10849BA, 8C2T10849BB, 8C2T10849BC, 8C2T10849BD, 8C2T10849BE, 8C2T10849BF, 8C2T10849BG, 8C2T10849BH, 8C2T10849CA, 8C2T10849CB, 8C2T10849CC, 8C2T10849CD, 8C2T10849CE, 8C2T10849CF, 8C2T10849CG, 8C2T10849DA, 8C2T10849DB, 8C2T10849DC, 8C2T10849DD, 8C2T10849DE, 8C2T10849DF, 8C2T10849DG, 8C2T10849DH, 8C2T10849EA, 8C2T10849EB, 8C2T10849EC, 8C2T10849ED, 8C2T10849EE, 8C2T10849EF, 8C2T10849EG, 8C2T10849EH, 8C2T10849FA, 8C2T10849FB, 8C2T10849FC, 8C2T10849FD, 8C2T10849FE, 8C2T10849FF, 8C2T10849FG, 8C2T10849FH, 8C2T10849JA, 8C2T10849JB, 8C2T10849JC, 8C2T10849JD, 8C2T10849JE, 8C2T10849JF, 8C2T10849JG, 8C2T10849JH, 8C2T10849KA, 8C2T10849KB, 8C2T10849KC, 8C2T10849KD, 8C2T10849KE, 8C2T10849KF, 8C2T10849KG, 8C2T10849KH, 4C2T10849AA, 4C2T10849AB, 4C2T10849AC, 4C2T10849AD, 4C2T10849AE, 4C2T10849AF, 4C2T10849AG, 4C2T10849AH, 4C2T10849AJ, 4C2T10849AK, 4C2T10849BA, 4C2T10849BB, 4C2T10849BC, 4C2T10849BD, 4C2T10849BE, 4C2T10849BF, 4C2T10849BG, 4C2T10849BH, 4C2T10849BJ, 4C2T10849BK, 4C2T10849CA, 4C2T10849CB, 4C2T10849CC, 4C2T10849CD, 4C2T10849CE, 4C2T10849CF, 4C2T10849CG, 4C2T10849CH, 4C2T10849CJ, 4C2T10849CK, 4C2T10849CL, 4C2T10849DA, 4C2T10849DB, 4C2T10849DC, 4C2T10849DD, 4C2T10849DE, 4C2T10849DF, 4C2T10849DG, 4C2T10849DH, 4C2T10849DJ, 4C2T10849DK, 4C2T10849DL, 4C2T10849EA, 4C2T10849EB, 4C2T10849EC, 4C2T10849ED, 4C2T10849EE, 4C2T10849EF, 4C2T10849EG, 4C2T10849EH, 4C2T10849EJ, 4C2T10849EK, 4C2T10849FA, 4C2T10849FB, 4C2T10849FC, 4C2T10849FD, 4C2T10849FE, 4C2T10849FF, 4C2T10849FG, 4C2T10849FH, 4C2T10849FJ, 4C2T10849FK, 5C2T10849AA, 5C2T10849AB, 5C2T10849AC, 5C2T10849AD, 5C2T10849AE, 5C2T10849AF, 5C2T10849AG, 5C2T10849AH, 5C2T10849AJ, 5C2T10849BA, 5C2T10849BB, 5C2T10849BC, 5C2T10849BD, 5C2T10849BE, 5C2T10849BF, 5C2T10849BG, 5C2T10849BH, 5C2T10849BJ, 5C2T10849CA, 5C2T10849CB, 5C2T10849CC, 5C2T10849CD, 5C2T10849CE, 5C2T10849CF, 5C2T10849CG, 5C2T10849CH, 5C2T10849CJ, 5C2T10849DA, 5C2T10849DB, 5C2T10849DC, 5C2T10849DD, 5C2T10849DE, 5C2T10849DF, 5C2T10849DG, 5C2T10849DH, 5C2T10849DJ, 5C2T10849EA, 5C2T10849EB, 5C2T10849EC, 5C2T10849ED, 5C2T10849EE, 5C2T10849EF, 5C2T10849EG, 5C2T10849EH, 5C2T10849EJ, 5C2T10849FA, 5C2T10849FB, 5C2T10849FC, 5C2T10849FD, 5C2T10849FE, 5C2T10849FF, 5C2T10849FG, 5C2T10849FH, 5C2T10849FJ, 5C2T10849GA, 5C2T10849GB, 5C2T10849GC, 5C2T10849GD, 5C2T10849GE, 5C2T10849GF, 5C2T10849HA, 5C2T10849HB, 5C2T10849HC, 5C2T10849HD, 5C2T10849HE, 5C2T10849HF, 5C2T10849JA, 5C2T10849JB, 5C2T10849JC, 5C2T10849JD, 5C2T10849JE, 5C2T10849JF, 5C2T10849JG, 5C2T10849JH, 5C2T10849JJ, 5C2T10849KA, 5C2T10849KB, 5C2T10849KC, 5C2T10849KD, 5C2T10849KE, 5C2T10849KF, 5C2T10849KG, 5C2T10849KH, 5C2T10849KJ, 5C2T10849LA, 5C2T10849MA, 5C2T10849PA, 5C2T10849RA, 5C2T10849SA, 6C2T10849AA, 6C2T10849AB, 6C2T10849AC, 6C2T10849BA, 6C2T10849BB, 6C2T10849BC, 6C2T10849BD, 6C2T10849BE, 6C2T10849CA, 6C2T10849CB, 6C2T10849CC, 6C2T10849CE, 6C2T10849DA, 6C2T10849DB, 6C2T10849DC, 6C2T10849DD, 6C2T10849DE, 6C2T10849EA, 6C2T10849EB, 6C2T10849EC, 6C2T10849ED, 6C2T10849EE, 6C2T10849FA, 6C2T10849FB, 6C2T10849FC, 6C2T10849FD, 6C2T10849FE, 6C2T10849GA, 6C2T10849HA, 6C2T10849JA, 6C2T10849JB, 6C2T10849JC, 6C2T10849JD, 6C2T10849JE, 6C2T10849JF, 6C2T10849KA, 6C2T10849KB, 6C2T10849KC, 6C2T10849KD, 6C2T10849KE, 6C2T10849KF, 7C2T10849BC, 7C2T10849EA, 7C2T10849EB, 7C2T10849EC, 7C2T10849FA, 7C2T10849FB, 7C2T10849FC, 7C2T10849JA, 7C2T10849JB, 7C2T10849JC, 7C2T10849KA, 7C2T10849KB, 7C2T10849KC, 7C2T10849LA, 7C2T10849MA, 7C2T10849PA, 7C2T10849RA, 7C2T10849SA, 7C2T10849TA, 7C2T10849UA

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Ford E150 2004-2008 Instrument Cluster Panel (ICP) Repair
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  • Ford E150 2004-2008  Instrument Cluster Panel (ICP) Repair video