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Instrument Cluster Repair Service

If your instrument cluster panel or speedometer is malfunctioning, UpFix Repair and Return services can get you back on the road quickly. UpFix saves you significant time and money by servicing your existing instrument cluster instead of replacing it. Within just 24 hours of receiving your instrument cluster, our IPC-certified technicians will diagnose, repair, and test it. Once complete, we will carefully package and ship your fully functioning instrument cluster back to you.

Whether you’re a mechanic, car dealer or an avid car collector, you may have a vehicle in need of instrument cluster repair. Unlike batteries and brake pads, , it’s better to repair an instrument cluster than to replace it. Oftentimes, instrument cluster panels are VIN-encoded to your vehicle such that replacement parts -- either new or refurbished -- will require special encoding by a new car dealership. Just as important, your instrument cluster panel holds your vehicle’s odometer reading. A new or refurbished instrument cluster panel will need to have the odometer reading set. You’ll also need to disclose that the vehicle’s odometer has been replaced and set. Though instrument cluster replacement is legal, the disclosure may scare away some potential buyers. In the end, even if you can replace your instrument cluster, you are much better off repairing it if at all possible.

  • Save time and money (compared to new OE replacement parts or remanufactured non-original parts)
  • Eliminates the need for expensive VIN matching or odometer updates.
  • Easy online ordering with DropNGo shipping label provided at time of order.
  • Huge library of instrument cluster removal videos to guide you with R&R process.
  • Comprehensive repair process using OEM components
  • IPC-certified technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed — if you aren’t happy, we refund your money in full
Common Instrument Cluster Panel Issues:
  • Instrument cluster experiences sudden power loss.
  • Speedometer consistently shows wrong speed.
  • Instrument cluster lights are dim, flicker, or don’t turn on.
  • Speedometer gauge is not working at all.
  • Tachometer has gone haywire.
  • Oil gauge gives incorrect readings.
  • Temp gauge only works intermittently.
  • Instrument cluster has dead or sticky gauges.
  • Gas gauge only works intermittently.
  • Speedometer is pegging out.
  • Instrument Cluster Repair & Return (Like New, Only Better)
  • Your original part is repaired and will not need to be coded to your vehicle VIN because it is original and came out of your vehicle.
  • Odometer mileage reading will not change.

How The Instrument Cluster Repair Process Works

  • Visit our Instrument Cluster Page HERE and use the vehicle filter to enter your Year, Make, and Model
  • Check all of the boxes for the issues that best match the problems you are experiencing. Be as detailed as possible when describing your instrument cluster panel’s symptoms.
  • Complete your online order and print your DropNGo shipping label
  • Pack your Instrument Cluster carefully and attach your DropNGo shipping label
  • Drop your package off at any Walgreens or FedEx location

When your Instrument Cluster Panel arrives here at UpFix, we scan your box label barcode which autmatically matches your parts with the order in our system. Your parts and label are photographed during the receiving process to ensure accuracy throughout the repair process. Our system automatically sends you a text message to notify you that your parts are in-house. The system sends out text updates throughout the process. Once your parts are fully received and documented, they are disassembled, diagnosed, and repaired by IPC-certified technicians. On rare occasion (about 20% of the time), your tech may contact you if there are any questions about the repair. Be a detailed as possible when explaining your instrument cluster panel’s symptoms, during the order process.

To ensure a reliable, long-lasting repair, UpFix uses only OEM parts. We never use cheap, unreliable, knock-off parts like many of our competitors. If a better-than-stock aftermarket part has been developed and is available, we give you the option of choosing OEM or aftermarket. Your Instrument Cluster Panel is thoroughly tested and cleaned after repairs are complete.

Payment is processed after your instrument cluster panel is repaired. Your instrument cluster panel is then packed and shipped back to you -- ready to be reinstalled. The repair is 100% guaranteed and carries a 1-year warranty.


An Instrument Cluster Panel is a significant part of your vehicle’s safety system. A malfunctioning instrument cluster could result in speeding tickets, engine damage due to overheating, or malfunctioning CES warning. Ensuring that your ICP is in good condition is crucial to maintaining your vehicle’s safe operation. Once UpFix repairs a faulty ICP, you can rest assured that your vehicle will get you safely on the road.

Talk to a Customer Service Rep or Technician About Your Instrument Cluster Panel Repair If you have questions about speedometer and instrument cluster issues, or you want more information about the order and repair process, contact one of our knowledgeable technicians at 888-979-9343 or fill out our online contact form for more information.

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Instrument Cluster Repair ServiceInstrument Cluster Repair ServiceInstrument Cluster Repair ServiceInstrument Cluster Repair ServiceInstrument Cluster Repair ServiceInstrument Cluster Repair Service
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