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Send Your Transmission Control Module to UpFix

Unfortunately, problems with the Mazda automatic gearbox control module can appear suddenly and without warning. Regardless of the condition of the car or the time of year, this failure can result in a number of problems. It is essential to repair the TCM on your Mazda vehicle to prevent a decrease in performance, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and more.

Purchasing a new TCM to correct your Mazda 5’s transmission issues can prove to be very costly. Investing in a used transmission control module can also be a hassle, as the part needs to be exactly matched to your vehicle. 

Is Your Car Running in Emergency Mode?

Modern cars are equipped with powerful computers designed to detect errors and prevent future damage. If your engine management software has detected an issue with your transmission control module, then it will likely switch into a safe mode to prevent future damage. In most cases, your vehicle will shift into second or third gear and stay in that position to avoid costly damages to the transmission. Often referred to as “Limp Mode,” this mode restricts your ability to drive and merely lets you ‘limp’ to your destination. This emergency mode, or secondary programming, will override your vehicle’s settings until you can receive proper servicing.

Common Failures


TCM errors can cause a number of problems for your Mazda 5, including:


Our Mazda TCM Repair Process

UpFix is here to serve as your eco-friendly source for electronic vehicle component repairs, including ABS modules, car screen, instrument clusters, climate and comfort controls, ECU modules, power-train control modules, and mileage correction where needed. No matter the issue, you can send the part to our certified technicians for fast, guaranteed results.

UpFix is here to provide the best results for your Mazda 5, and our proven process is here to help:

The Benefits of TCM Repairs From UpFix


For years, we’ve gladly served as your trusted source for up-fixing damaged vehicle components, reducing waste while delivering the best results to drivers in need. UpFix can help you reset and restore your faulty part back to working order — we guarantee it!

How does working with UpFix to repair your Mazda 5 TCM provide the best results?

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How It Works 


Sending your Mazda 5 TCM in for repairs with UpFix is as fast as it is simple. Follow this four-step process to get your vehicle back into prime condition without the high cost or downtime associated with repairs.

How easy is our process?

  1. Remove the TCM — Carefully remove the TCM from your Mazda 5 (located underneath the battery tray). Be sure to follow our removal instructions for the safety of you and your vehicle.
  2. Pack the Part Securely — Place your TCM in a sturdy box and send it to our team. Ensure that the box is safe enough to prevent further damage during transit!
  3. Check out through our store — Add the correct TCM repair service to your cart and check out. Include a printout of your purchase information with your TCM.
  4. Ship it — Include a piece of paper with your name, return address, and phone number.  The UpFix team will receive your part, repair it, and ship it back to you within 24 hours.

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Amazing Customer Support

UpFix is proud to offer cost-effective ABS module repairs, ECU, TCM, and PCM repair services, and more to help drivers achieve the best performance and peace of mind. After servicing more than 1,000,000 parts and helping more than 150,000 happy customers, we’re confident that we can find the right solution for your vehicle needs. We focus on building relationships and generating trust with customers through the quality of our work and the comprehensivity of our support. No matter your needs, we can get the job done right!

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Ready to Get Started?

UpFix is here to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and that eco-friendly commitment also helps to generate fast results at unbelievable prices. Don’t spend hundreds extra on a new part or invest in a used part which may soon fail; turn instead to UpFix for effective results. We’ll get to work fast, repairing the TCM for your Mazda 5 in the most effective and affordable manner possible.

Browse our online store to find the repairs you need by vehicle make and model, and be sure to submit a request online or fill out the form below for assistance. We look forward to helping you!

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